Senode – A Graphical MIDI Sequencer

I am very happy to present you my new music application Senode. Some time ago, I developed a prototype for a finite state machine sequencer, which was so much fun to play that I needed to come up with a productive version. The basic idea of Senode is to draw your entire composition as a cyclic graph of nodes and edges. Each node can generate events, such as notes, chords, effects, or any other MIDI or OSC message. You can now use any incoming signal or a clock to traverse the graph with one or more tokens. There are many interaction options that let you decide the generation, direction, transformation and synchronization of the tokens. At all times, your graphical score is perfectly readable. This makes this sequencer the perfect tool for interactive performance of pre-written and generative music. Let’s have a demo:

I use Senode as the only sequencer in my live setup. All songs are patched inside the program and are controlled via MIDI. I use the G2 Modular to generate clock signals and include signals from my drums to trigger important events on the graph. Senode generates MIDI messages for the Nord Modular G2 and Nord Lead 4R synthesizers and the Pianoteq VST sampler.

Animation – A Senode Graph

A Senode Graph

Senode Schematic

How I Use It

Senode Graph

Short Demo

For more information and a release date, please sign up to the newsletter on the Senode Website at or follow @senode on Twitter. Thanks!

One Response to Senode – A Graphical MIDI Sequencer

  1. Hi Sebastian.
    I have been doing something similar, but this ties it all together very nicely.
    Can you explain the ‘flow’ of the signal. Is it an audio signal into ‘senode’ from Drums, or is it a midi signal from a trigger, or is it an audio signal converted into midi and then into senode.
    This is right up my street. I am a drummer electronic musician and have been trying to combine all this. There is of course an Ableton/max for live solution, but it is less dynamic.
    Anyway, once I understand the flow, I will include senode into my rig….

    Looking forward to setting this up once I have clarification.


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