New Single: SOUVENIR

“Souvenir” is the first single from my upcoming Album Monolog Memories, a collection of recordings from the years 2014–2022. The song is a calm and cinematic homage to everyone who likes to stare at the night sky, waiting for a magic moment to happen. It is based on a live recording from a soundtrack performance […]

New Release: Telegram EP

Today is the release of my new album TELEGRAM EP – a collection of dance tracks from my “mad scientist drummer” solo performance. It contains two new Singles (Impuls and Telegram), two remixes (one is featuring long-time collaborator Jürgen Schwer on guitar) and two remakes of songs that you may already have heard on the […]

Arnold+Sukroso Double Feature

This week, we’re finally starting our one-man band double feature. Robin Sukroso is a musician who I’ve met some years ago at Hans & Gloria Festival, and we’ve played a couple of shows together. He plays a Breedlove Black Magic acoustic guitar which he enhanced himself with force-sensing resistor trigger pads (FSRs). Using these, he […]