New Album: Interstellar Getaway

Today is not only Towel Day, but also the release of my third album “Interstellar Getaway”. It’s supposed to be an astronaut’s soundtrack, travelling in his spaceship between the Planets of nearby solar systems.

It was recorded at Tricone Studios located in Funkhaus Berlin and mixed by Guy Sternberg in his analog Low Swing Studio. I’m very proud of the result and the fact that this is my first album to be available on Vinyl LP!

Sebastian Arnold’s new album “Interstellar Getaway” tells the story of a lonesome space voyager. By no coincidence this relates to Seb’s live show, which may actually feel like watching someone playing the drum kit and driving a spaceship at the same time. Still focusing on the beats, his recent sound developed to a more consolidated and song-oriented form, channeling a wide palette of styles from electronica, jazz and post-rock to dubstep. This time, the great escape into the galaxy features interplanetar travelling, bitchy computer games and fast-paced flights through the stratosphere accompanied by thrilling synth basslines, 8-bit sounds and impulsive drumming with a hint of wanderlust.

You can get the CD or LP+Download on the beeah–music Shop page. The Album is also available for download at iTunes, Amazon and Musicload.

See you tonight at the release party!

Sebastian Arnold – Molecular Shower by sebastianarnold

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