Fly To Mars

Today’s concert at Magnet Club will be the last one with the usual setup. There are a lot of new things coming up that will radically change the running system. The first thing to happen will be the shift of my whole audio processing to a digital mixer and an all-integrating Max patch. I’m also going back to the roots, revising my Wahan drum kit substantially. Last but not least, the live visualization of my music will expand with the possibilities of Max. If you’re a Berlin based artist and want to contribute, let me know.

At the end of this month, a new remix single is coming up, followed by a short Germany tour. [edit: you can get it now on iTunes and Amazon.] We shot a video last year, this is Filmarche 5773, directed by Anton Hempel, camera Michael Clemens, produced by Barbara “Bob” Voss, edited by Anton Hempel.

Sebastian Arnold – Fly To Mars on YouTube.

There will be more information on the single parts of my setup as soon as I got them running. See you all soon!

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