Senode – Graphical Step Sequencer Available now for iPad

I’m very happy to announce that Senode is now available as an iOS app for the iPad. I’ve been using this sequencer as prototype for almost three years now in my live shows. Senode was already featured in Deutschlandfunk Kultur, and TEDxCluj 2016 (see the performance video here). However, it took me many months to finish a version that everyone can easily use. Finally, it’s done!

Senode Screenshot

Download on the App Store

Key features:

  • graphical step sequencer with multi-touch interface
  • unlimited polyphonic steps and directions
  • integrated synthesizer
  • step record function from MIDI in
  • control external synths via MIDI out
  • comes with tutorial and example patches I used in my album releases

Please see the updated web site for more features and information about this version. There will be more updates coming soon: MIDI bindings (especially for drummers), clock synchronization (for DAW users) and more iOS-related integration.

Enjoy this release and get inspired by the possibilities of Senode!

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